Werkleitz Festival 2021
The Werkleitz Festival move to … sociosphere, ecosphere, bodydatasphere examines the question as to which new impulses art can provide for the societal, ecological and technological dynamics of the future in an age of global transformation.
18. 6. to 12. 9. 2021
Videorama is in its summer break.
1. 7. to 31. 8. 2020
The 2020 Werkleitz Festival explores contemporary image production in rural regions based on the example of Mansfeld Land. The model project invites artists and researchers to work together with actors from the region to bring together external observations with self-perceptions.
23. 10. to 25. 10. 2020
Werkleitz im Gespräch über Strukturwandel

On Saturday, July 17, a special supplement of the communication design of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle will appear in the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. It includes a conversation between Jonathan Everts, co-director of the newly founded Institut für Strukturwandel und Nachhaltigkeit [Institute for Structural Change and Sustainability] at the MLU and Daniel Herrmann, head of Werkleitz and the institute’s advisory board.

Werkleitz Festival 2021
dis/order Abschlussnacht

Mit der repetitiven Performance MagicDrink von ArtesMobiles ab 21:00 im Lichthof des Festivalzentrums, Ex-Stasizentrale in Halle (Saale). Ab 23:00 Surprise DJs.

Willkommen bei MagicDrink“ Willkommen in einer Welt, in der die Schönheit des Moments die Ungeduld des Alltags verschwinden lässt. Die atmosphärische Performance von ArtesMobiles ist eine Symbiose aus Licht, Sound, Video, Performer:innen und Publikum. Sie wirkt zeitlos, ist Vintage und Science Fiction zugleich.Ruf uns an! und deine Wünsche werden zu unseren intimen Geheimnissen: „Möchtest du schweben, tanzen oder lieben?“ Ob sinnlich, feurig oder frech, dein Verlangen ist unser Antrieb dir deinen MagicDrink in vollkommender Entschleunigung zu servieren.

Bis 22:00 ohne Eintritt, danach 5,00 €/ 10,00 €
Ohne Anmeldung – aber geimpft, genesen oder getestet (von 20:00–2:00 kann direkt am Einlass kostenfrei getestet werden)

Imago / fStop Images / Malte Müller
Werkleitz Festival 2021
„We’ve mapped the world, now let’s map human health“ – Plattformökonomie und die Kartierung der Körper

On July 3, 5pm Anna-Verena Nosthoff and Felix Maschewski discuss the body data collected by massively popular “wearables”, which are being marketed by technology companies in the newly discovered research and business field of consumer health. The session will be moderated by Timo Daum, an expert in digital capitalism. 

image: Imago / fStop Images / Malte Müller

Werkleitz Festival 2021
Open Studios und Rundgänge

In specially developed studios in the former Stasi headquarters, media art works by scholarship holders of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP) are documented on film and can be visited on site. Festival director Peter Zorn offers guided tours through the building. Visiting the studios with on-site registration is now also possible without pre-registration. For all those who cannot be here, we recommend to watch the digital tour presenting the sociosphere of the opening weekend. 

Werkleitz Festival 2021
move to ... bodydatasphere: 2. bis 4. Juli

The discourse programme around the bodydatasphere is devoted to digital bodies and sensory perception e. g. with the Performance Kissing Data Symphony by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat. As the world’s first artistic-scientific research project in this field, the brainwaves of kissing couples are measured and the data collected is translated into a visual ground projection. Support science and stop by for a kiss!

We offer studio visits with works by artists from the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), guided tours and the conference and discourse program live on site and via livestream. At the weekend we present i. a. Lectures by Anna-Verena Nosthoff and Felix Maschewski, Chris Salter and EMAP artists Sophie Hoyle and Margherita Pevere. The Werkleitz Festival move to… will take place until July 4th in the ex-Stasi headquarters, Blücherstraße 1 in Halle (Saale). The conference and discourse program new world dis / order will take place in German and English and will be translated simultaneously. The entire program is broadcast as a live stream.

Werkleitz Festival 2021
Besuch der open Studios

Der Besuch der Studios in der Ex-Stasizentrale, Blücjherst mit Medienkunstarbeiten von Künstler:innen der European Media Art Platform (EMAP) ist ab sofort möglich ohne Anmeldung und Test. Von Freitag bis Sonntag öffnet die Ex-Stasizentrale ihre Türen u. a. mit einem geführten Rundgang von Peter Zorn. Im Lichthof können unsere Gäste ein kühles Getränk genießen und dem Konferenz- und Diskursprogramm folgen. 

19. Juni bis 4. Juli
18:00–22:00 Fr
16:00–22:00 Sa/So
14:00–22:00 So, 4. Juli

Werkleitz Festival 2021
move to... eocosphere: 25. bis 27. Juni

The events of the ecosphere shed light on the consequences of the digitalisation of our ecosystem, knowledge generated by a shift in perspective away from humans and towards other life forms, and the opportunities for “peaceful co-existence” and cooperation between species.

We offer studio visits with works by artists of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), guided tours and the online conference and discourse programme in the livestream. On Saturday, werkleitz will present a keynote lecture by James Bridle, talks by Ela Spalding, Kat Austen and Stefan Laxness as well as the online sound performance by EMAP artist Konrad Korabiewski. The Werkleitz Festival move to… takes place until 4 July at the Ex-Stasizentrale, Blücherstraße 1 in Halle (Saale). The conference and discourse programme new world dis/order will take place in German and English and will be simultaneously translated. The entire programme will be streamed live

Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to...
Audio Walk Ulysses 2.0 von LIGNA

The artist collective LIGNA invites you to their audio walk Ulysses 2.0 on the next two Werkleitz Festival weekends (Fri, 25.6.-Sun, 27.6. and Fri,2.-Sun, 4.7.). Without a map or compass, ship or crew, the participants will set out on a journey into the unknown – a journey to an unknown destination. A program called Ulysses 2.0 will lead the way. The path leads into the unknown realms of a seemingly familiar world. The trajectory of each individual connects to that of all forms of life. For in the Age of the Anthropocene the question is: What could the relationship intended to ensure the mutual survival of all species be like? Moving across the sea of consciousness surprising answers will emerge. The only thing that is certain is that the myth of humanity must be rewritten completely.

The odyssey as an audio walk based on Homer and James Joyce. Additional travel companions: Donna Haraway, James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis.

  • With the voices of: Josefine Israel, Samuel Weiß and Mareike Hein
  • Music: Günter ReznicekGraphic
  • Design: Johannes Koether
  • Photos: Anja Beutler

Ulysses 2.0 is a production of LIGNA and Kampnagel. Funded by the Cultural Office of Hamburg. Supported by Werkleitz.

NOTE: The audio walk is only available in German.

Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to ...
Open Studios & geführte Rundgänge

An allen Werkleitz Festival Wochenenden (June 18 till July 4) werden in Studios in der Ex-Stasizentrale, Blücherstr. 1 in Halle (Saale), Medienkunstarbeiten von Stipendiat:innen der European Media Art Platform (EMAP) filmisch dokumentiert. Der Besuch ist mit Registrierung vor Ort möglich. Freitag bis Sonntag bieten wir jeweils geführte Rundgänge an. Der Eintritt zu allen Festivalveranstaltungen ist frei. Mehr Informationen und Programm.

On all three Werkleitz Festival weekends, in several studios, in our festival location, the former headquarters of the East German Ministry of State Security in Halle media art works by scholarship holders of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP) are documented on film. The artistic works set up in the studios can be visited in the festival location in Halle.  >> More Information <<<

Opening hours: 
19 June - 4 July
18:00-22:00 Fri
16:00-22:00 Sat/Sun
14:00-22:00 Sun 4 July

Werkleitz Projektförderung
Songs of the Shirt @ Sommer Berlinale / Forum Expanded

The production Songs of the Shirt by Kerstin Schrödinger, supported by Werkleitz as part of the project funding, will be shown at the Berlinale Forum Expanded.

Screening times Songs of the Shirt:
June 11, 9:30 p. m., Open Air Cinema HKW
June 12, 9:30 p. m., silent green
June 13th 9:30 pm, Open Air Cinema HKW
June 14th 9:30 pm, Atelier Gardens open-air cinema @ BUFA
June 18, 9:30 p. m., silent green
June 19, 9:30 p. m., Atelier Gardens open-air cinema @ BUFA

Director: Kerstin Schroedinger
Production: Kerstin Schroedinger

Werkleitz Festival 2021
Onlineworkshop: NOT FOUND ON

Recording Our Communities*
(Do It Yourself & Do It With Others wiki as safer space for +LGBTIQ+ communities)

This is an invitation to join an online, intimate listening and co-writing workshop with discussions on DIY & DIWO community networks and focused on how queers spaces and communities have mutated during COVID-19 both online and offline.

Not Found On has been co-creating a mediawiki platform to record/connect feminist queer intersectional knowledge. This has been done by responding to tensions arising out of the desire for privacy and the desire to share, as well as the precarious nature of the spaces we occupy. It is the recognition of bars, kitchens, sports teams as sites of knowledge creation and the desire for alternatives to corporately owned social media.

 We welcome participants from LGBTQIA+ communities who have an intersectional feminist approach to love and inclusiveness. No pre-existing wiki knowledge is necessary. All bodies are welcome. ONLY in English. >>> Programme and Registration <<<

Max participants: 10
Workshop: 22th workshop
Timing: 6:30 – 8:30

Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to...
Konferenz- und Diskursprogramm new world dis/order

From 18 June to 4 July the conference and discourse programme new world dis/order – in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation and supported by the ZEIT Foundation – will guide audiences through the themes of the three main spheres of the 2021 Werkleitz Festival move tosociosphere, ecosphere, bodydatasphere.

On three consecutive weekends renowned theorists, researchers and artists will discuss and reflect on phenomena of our present and the near future. The programme features over 20 lectures, conversations and performances e. g. with Benjamin Bratton, James Bridle, Timo Daum, DISNOVATION.ORG, Felix Maschewski & Anna-Verena Nosthoff, Katharina Meyer, Phoebe V Moore and many more. The programme will be streamed from the former headquarters of the East German Ministry of State Security in Halle (Saale) and be supplemented by features and podcasts. In multiple studios media art by grantees of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP) will be documented on film. On-site visits will be possible in compliance with hygienic rules. From 18 June on selected film productions by several award-winning EMAP artists – including Chloé Galibert-Laîné (FR), Kevin B. Lee (US/DE) and Total Refusal (AT) – will be presented on the festival website.  >> Programme and Livestream <<