Werkleitz Festival 2018

Logistics is the basis of globalization and an occupational reality for thousands of individuals in the Halle/Leipzig region. Logistics determines the beat and rhythm of our time. It affects societal processes and organizes the flow of goods, information and people.

20. 10. to 4. 11. 2018
Modell und Ruine

On the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary, the Werkleitz Festival 2019 will take place from May 25th to June 9th in Dessau-Roßlau. In the title model stands as a model for a future to be created and ruin as a testimony of a mostly idealized past.

25. 5. to 9. 6. 2019

Our physical and virtual realities are becoming increasingly intertwined. Technologies such as VR, augmented reality, wearables, and the Internet of Things are pointing to a world where technology will envelop every aspect of our lives.

1. 10. to 31. 10. 2018
Lecture Performance

Artist Doug Fishbone will be performing one of his celebrated comic slide-show lectures, taking his audience on a journey through his mildly warped imagination. Illustrating his narration with hundreds of images downloaded from the internet, Fishbone has come up with an innovative form of story-t

24. 10. 2018
European Media Art Platform / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange 2019
3. Dezember 2018 12:00 (MEZ)

European Media Art Platform / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange 2019 With the generous support of EU’s Creative Europe programme the European Media Art Platform which was founded last year will offer EMARE (European Media Artist in Residence Exchange) residencies for media artists in the fields of digital media, including Internet and computer-based artists, filmmakers, and those working in media based performance, sound, or video as well as robotics or bio-art. 


Artists with an EU passport or an identity card issued within the EU, can submit their proposals and apply for a two-months long residency at one of the following institutions:

• Werkleitz Zentrum für Medienkunst, Halle (Saale), Deutschland (Plattformleiter)
• Onassis Cultural Centre, Athen, Griechenland
• Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Österreich 
• Bandits Mages, Bourges, Frankreich 
• Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, Vereinigtes Königreich 
• IMPAKT, Utrecht, Niederlande 
• Kontejner, Zagreb, Kroatien
• LaBoral Centro de Arte y Creación Indstrial, Guijón, Spanien 
• M-Cult, Helsinki, Finland
 RIXC, Riga, Letland 
• WRO Center for Media Art Foundation, Wroclaw, Polen   

Undergraduate and Master’s students are not eligible but emerging artists, regardless of age, are encouraged to apply. EMARE includes a grant of 3.000 €, project budget of 4.000 €, 
free accommodation, travel expenses up to 500 €, free access to the technical facilities and media labs within the host institution, consulting by production and market experts and a professional presentation as well as the option to participate in exhibition tours at our members festivals in 2019-2021.

All selected artists will be invited for a networking kick-off conference 1st to 3rd of March 2019 in Utrecht. Please save the date!

Applications should be submitted online and must include a CV, (audio)-visual documentation and a preliminary plan or sketch of the proposed project to be developed within the EMARE programme. Artists with an EU passport can submit their proposals >>> HERE <<<

25 Jahre Werkleitz
Arte zeigt Beitrag über Werkleitz

In der Nacht vom 20. auf den 21. Oktober 2018 zeigt arte Kurzschluss um 00:20 einen Beitrag anlässlich des 25-jährigen Jubiläums von Werkleitz. Der Beitrag wird im Anschluss noch 14 Tage in der Mediathek zu sehen sein. 

Lecture Performance
Luft Gesheft

Am 24. Oktober 2018 um 20:00 wird der diesjährige EMARE Stipendiat bei Werkleitz, der Künstler Doug Fishbone im Festivalzentrum, Kleine Märkerstraße 7a in Halle (Saale) einen seiner gefeierten Comic-Dia-Vorträge aufführen und sein Publikum auf eine Reise durch seine leicht verzerrte Vorstellungskraft mitnehmen. Fishbone hat seine Erzählung mit zahlreichen Bildern aus dem Internet illustriert und eine innovative Form des Geschichtenerzählers entwickelt, die an der Kreuzung von Hoch- und Niedrigkunst liegt, was einen Kritiker dazu veranlasste, ihn als „Stand-up-Konzeptkünstler“ zu bezeichnen. Die Arbeit stellt eine Form der visuellen Rhetorik dar, die mit Hilfe von Werbe- und Propagandastrategien das oft zweifelhafte Verhältnis zwischen Bild und Text und einige der problematischeren Aspekte des zeitgenössischen westlichen Lebens auf amüsante und entwaffnende Weise erforscht. Der in London ansässige Fishbone ist  an vielen der führenden Veranstaltungsorte Großbritanniens aufgetreten, darunter die Hayward Gallery, das ICA, das Southbank Centre und die Royal Academy und hat unter anderem in der Tate Britain sowie auf der Venedig Biennale ausgestellt.

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen

Instructors in specific fields will offer thematic workshops for participants and students. Together we will generate prognoses about the future of logistics based on local observations. The results will later be publicly presented.

Logistik des Wissens
with Prof. Matthias Görlichund Peter Hermans (Informationsdesign, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle)

Wege, Strecken und Enden.
Über die Mobilität der Produktion with Jan Lemitz und Prof. Peggy Buth
(Medienkunst, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig)

Urbane Lieferketten, Knotenpunkte und Übergänge
with Prof. Nina Gribat und Dipl. Ing. Andreas Schmitt (Entwerfen und Städtebau, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

The workshops are free of charge. Since only a limited number of spaces are available please register in advance:

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen
Excursion // Star Park & Radial Fulfillment

Star Park is an industrial park that covers 230 hectares or 570 acres. Responsible for its development and for attracting new companies is the city-owned Saale Investvision company. The original development of the area took place around the turn of the millennium with the goal of attracting the BMW factory, which was later opened in Leipzig. In 2002 the alternative plan for the site as an industrial park went into effect. Since then different firms have relocated there, most of them from the logistics industry. After a bus tour of the park’s logistics landscape, the excursion takes participants to Radial Fulfillment, an independent company that until 2016 was part of the eBay company. Radial provides complete order fulfilment services for online retail companies, in short: everything after the “click”.

Meeting point:
Kleine Märkerstraße 7a
06108 Halle (Saale)

Guided tour with: Dieter Götte (Halle Saale Investvision), Ulf Bellersheim, Sven Schirmer (Radial Fulfillment) 
The tour and excursion are free of charge. A shuttle bus will be provided for the excursion. Since only a limited number of participants can take part, please register in advance by writing an email to:
Please register by 29 October 2018.

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen
Excursion // Container Terminal Halle & Archäological Depot

The excursion to the port of Halle in Trotha brings together contemporary and historical perspectives on logistics and the transport of goods. Both the container terminal and adjacent depot of the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology will be visited. The port, once part of the Hanseatic League, is now accessed by land through the Container Terminal Halle (Saale). As a transshipment terminal it specializes in the organization of logistics chains with combined transport. Containers are loaded from lorries onto the trains of the port’s own railway system and the other way around. The second part of the excursion focuses on the logistics of knowledge and takes participants through the depot of the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology. The excursion provides a brief view of the history of the museum and demonstrates how now only a small portion of collections are put on display, while the majority are stored in depots. The guided tour explores the depot’s organization, storage, archival and cataloguing systems. Individual objects related to historical trade routes will also be examined.

Meeting point:
Container Terminal Halle (Saale) – CTHS
Am Saalehafen 1
06118 Halle (Saale)

Guided tour with: Harry Dietrich (CTHS) und Dr. Roman Mischker (Depot LDA)
The excursion is free of charge. Since only a limited number of participants can take part, please register in advance by writing an email to:, Please register by 24 October 2018.

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen
Excursion // DHL Hub Leipzig

After 10 years of operations the DHL Hub Leipzig has become one of the most important and state-of-the-art transshipment centres for air freight worldwide. It is one of the region’s largest employers despite the fact that over 50% of its processes are automated. Every day over 60 airplanes take off and land, having been inspected, loaded and unloaded remarkably quickly. Thousands of packages from digital retail operations are transported at night by conveyors and slides that are kilometres long, sorted by humans and machines and sent out in airplanes, trains or lorries.

Meeting point:
Bahnhofsvorplatz, Entrance
Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Platz 1
06112 Halle (Saale)

The excursion is free of charge. Participants must cover their own travel costs (round way train ticket from Halle to Schkeuditz). Since only a limited number of participants can take part in the excursion, please register in advance by sending an email to: In accordance with DHL security regulations, participants’ first and last name and date of birth must be provided in the registration email. Please register by 18 October 2018.

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen
Excursion // Train Formation Facility ZBA Halle (Saale)

In July 2018 the freight train yard in Halle was completed, including the new train formation facility. After further upgrades and expansion it is now one of the most state-of-the-art facilities for freight transport in all of Europe, including fully automatic control systems and braking technology for guide tracks. The rail cars are coupled and uncoupled by hand. The goal of the upgrade is to increase the capacity of the Halle hub. Within an hour 120 rail wagons are rearranged and sent on their way towards Berlin, Munich or southeastern Europe. During the tour the development of the freight yard and the technical processes of the train formation facility will be explained.

Meeting point:
DB Museum, Entrance
Volkmannstraße 39, Halle (Saale)
06112 Halle (Saale)

Guided tour with: Laura Dänicke (DB Cargo)
The excursion is free of charge. Since only a limited number of participants can take part, please register in advance:

Please register by 18 October 2018.

Professional Media Master Class
Peking-Preis für Die Wirkung des Geschützes auf Gewitterwolken

Die Preise auf dem Beijing International Short Film Festival wurden verliehen: Die Wirkung des Geschützes auf Gewitterwolken (PMMC Lab 2015-16) gewann den BISFF 2018 Fresco Award im internationalen Wettbewerb für den besten Film der Kategorie „non-fiction“. Wir gratulieren den Regisseurinnen Juliane Jaschnow und Stefanie Schroeder!

Professional Media Master Class
PMMC-Premiere in Peking

Die Wirkung des Geschützes auf Gewitterwolken (PMMC Lab 2015-16) von Juliane Jaschnow und Stefanie Schroeder läuft zwischen dem 14.-24. September 2018 in dem Wettbewerb um den Fresco-Preis auf dem Beijing International Short Film Festival.

Gleichzeitig wird er in der Sondersektion für Videokunst und experimentelle Dokumentarfilme auf dem Filmfest Bremen gezeigt.


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