Ginan Seidl

de 1984

Aufgewachsen in Berlin, studierte Bildhauerei in Halle, Berlin und Mexiko Stadt. 2012 nahm sie an der Professional Media Master Class, 2015/16 am PMMC Lab bei Werkleitz e.V. teil. Sie erhielt mehrere Auszeichnungen für ihre künstlerische Arbeit und Aufenthaltsstipendien für Istanbul und Mexiko. Sie ist Mitglied des ROSENPICTURES Filmkollektives. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Halle/Saale.

Visual artist. Her work is based on the investigation of cultural, social and formal spaces; specific places to examine /observe the human being in cultural and collective contexts that could be individual and private at the same time. She is using different media, such as spatial installation, video, photography and sculpture.
After she studied plastic arts in Halle, Berlin and Mexico City, she participated in 2012 in the Professional Media Master Class, 2015/16 in the PMMC Lab of Werkleitz e.V. in order to deepen her techniques in the production of documentary and experimental films. She won several art awards and she was a resident in the field of plastic arts in Istanbul and Mexico. She participated in several experimental film festivals, such as the Berlinale, FIDMarseille, GIFF, EMAF and Kasseler Dokfest and participated in several exhibitions in England, Germany, Istanbul and Mexico. She is a member of the film collective ROSENPICTURES.

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