Robyn Moody

ca 1975

Moodys works are sometimes kinetic, often make use of electronics, are frequently sociopolitical, usually beautiful, and tend to exist somewhere between installation and sculpture. They are often funny and will sometimes use technology to re-create images of nature. He incorporates the speculative quality of Science Fiction in his work, and to some extent, a science fiction aesthetic. Through the reading of something outside of this world, contemporary parallels emerge in the reader’s mind, and it is possible to imagine the transition between the world we know and the one being postulated. Many of his pieces are failed Potemkin villages - initially seen as beautiful but hiding a dark secret. He is interested in the transition in the viewer’s mind, marvelling at a delightful object or a beautiful space and gradually realising the implications of the scene. He places a great deal of importance on this moment when, for the viewer, everything changes.

Single- and Group-Exhibitions, also projects in Canada, Mexico, Island and Europe: La Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan), KWAG (Kitchener/Waterloo), Alberta Biennal of Contemporary Art 2013 (Edmonton), AND Festival (Liverpool), Kling&Bang (Reykjavik), Kunst Vlaai (Amsterdam), Confederation Centre for the Arts (Charlottetown), PM Galerie (Berlin), Lydgalleriet (Bergen).

Curator and Director of Gallery Potemkin (1997-2000). Since 2008 technical assistant of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Awards: Sobey Art award nomination (2010, 2012), 2nd place Calgary Science Centre (2011), Harrison McCain Memorial Scholarship (2004) also diverse production grants.