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.move ON: Conference


Modern society would be almost inconceivable without motion pictures. They are omnipresent in communications, information, advertising and entertainment and are used to store personal memories. Every modern device, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet, has a video function. Online services such as Twitter and YouTube provide appropriate platforms for direct reception, modification and distribution.
While universities, industrial laboratories and artists are constantly developing new interfaces for interacting with images and sound, the number of actors keeps growing thanks to the simplified accessibility of professional digital production technology. From tools and their changing users, to new products and multiple authorship, everything is in a state of flux. Without a doubt, we are in the midst of a profound media transformation. Or are we about to witness the next media (r)evolution? The transition from a passive viewer to a prosumer, who no longer consumes media content but also produces it, calls for the development of interactive and participative formats. The term crossmedia, along with crowdfunding, and community building, is among the magic words of the media industry. But what opportunities and risks lie hidden behind these developments? Conducted in English, the conference with attendees from various countries, is motivated by the changes taking place in audiovisual and interactive technology and their impact on production and distribution to discuss alternative and future scenarios in the entertainment industry and media art.

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