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Panel 2: Vision – Tele – Vision

DE 2015

Television has found itself increasingly in dire straits in recent years as a result of changes in the media landscape. The fundamental question is: How can one reach the public despite the vast range of content offered on the internet? It is above all the younger generation that is turning to alternative forms of journalism and information mediation on the internet. In the meantime, state-run TV producers, too, have been developing interesting alternative concepts with „social media“ features such as that demonstrated by Thomas Hellum with his SLOW TV, “the most boring television in the world”

Reinhard Bärenz at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (broadcasting corporation) works on integrating previously separate editions of text, radio and television content in order to process it trimedially in the future,and already some years ago, the French broadcasting organistation France Télévisions started to develop interactive documentaries. The panel is moderated by Maria Pia Rossignaud, the renowned media scientist and journalist, who will present a brief insight into the Italian media landscape.


Maria Pia Rossignaud (IT)

is a journalist and director of the Italian Media Duemila magazine


Reinhard Bärenz (DE)

is chief editor of the MDR Figaro radio station and plays a prominent role in planning the trimedial model of the MDR, which will be launched in 2016.

Thomas Hellum (NO)

has been working for NRK Hordaland since 1992 and is a project manager and executive producer. Since 2009, he has been producing the successful format Slow TV, the most boring television in the world.

Kati Bremme (DE/FR)

works as a production manager in the digital division at France Télévision. As a director of the online-department she also monitors the transformation process to digital of the broadcasting transmitter France 3 Régions and the overseas stations.

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