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Sergej Eisenstein. Mexikanskaja Fantasija

RU 1930

In December 1930, Sergej Eisenstein went to Mexico to create an epic film on the past and future of the country: Pre-Columbian Mexico with its ancient mysteries, Mexico with its villages hidden in virgin forests, its mores und customs, the exalted “Spanish” Mexico shaped by the culture of the conquerors, the tragic Mexico of the Díaz dictatorship, Mexico in revolt and Mexico marching into the 21stcentury. This large-scale project was never to reach fruition. Eisenstein stopped shooting and returned to Moscow without going through the mountains of material, which were left behind in America and remained there for years.

Oleg Kovalov‘s film Sergej Eisenstein. Mexikanskaja Fantasija (RU 1998), although it works primarily with Eisenstein’s material, is not an attempt to reconstruct this cinematic fresco but rather a free reflection on the theme of the unfinished film.

Film screening with Sonido Changorama

Sergej Eisenstein. Mexikanskaja Fantasija



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