Jeff Frost


Jeff Frost grew up in a remote corner of Utah hiking with his grandfather, and has lived in southern California for the last 20 years. Time and sound are his two primary mediums, often expressed through a number of sub-mediums including painting, photography, video, and installation. Nearly all of the above are combined into short films exploring themes on the spectrum of creation and destruction. Frost’s work has been shown at his own independent Desert X 2019 parallel installation, Los Angeles Art Association curated by Leslie Jones for LACMA, the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN), and LAX. He has been selected for the Nordic LA residency at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs & the Facebook Artist in Residence program in 2019. He performed a soundart set at the Desert Daze music festival in 2019 as well, and he will have a new painting film, GO HOME, which recently won Best in Show at the Time Lapse Film Festival, at the Museum of Art Lancaster (MOAH) in 2020. California on Fire will be installed in an upcoming show for the California Museum of Photography in 2020 as well. He was both a producer and subject of the 2017 Netflix docuseries, Fire Chasers. That same year he contributed to the National Geographic series, One Strange Rock. He has been featured in numerous online publications and TV interviews such as PBS Newshour, TIME Magazine, Artnet, and American Photo. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) named him one of the best photographers of 2014. U2 and Ladytron have commissioned him for artwork used on tour and in album art. He has spoken at TEDx in Switzerland, the Seattle Art Fair, University of Southern California, Palm Springs Art Museum, Orlando Museum of Art, Snap! Orlando, and photoLA.