Gil Delindro

pt 1989

Gil Delindro is an award-winning media and sound artist that has distinguished himself by the research on organic materials, he primarily uses technology to explore ephemeral events and intangible processes in nature. His trans-disciplinary practice is based upon film, installation, and site-specific/field research, facing themes such as bioacoustics, ecology, and geology. Without forcing direct political messages, Delindro's work covers the contemporary struggle between humans and their rapidly changing environment, by interrogating in each way the human perception of “natural” can be challenged.
Sound is the binding element of all his work as a metaphor for the intangible qualities of matter. His ephemeral installations oppose organic elements with technological components, creating moving sculptures that often become independent beings, existing in an ephemeral space of transformation. These pieces directly translate stages of organic matter such as soil, water, wood, and detritus into spatial sonic installations.