Erika Katalina Pásztor


Erika Katalina Pasztor is an artist-entrepreneur building up concepts, projects, teams and organisations alongside multidisciplinary creative work related to social and communication issues. She is a cyber-knitter connecting thoughts, people and methods using new technologies. Studying several genres like architecture, visual and business communication as well as intermedia art; her artistic research focuses on revealing new forms and methods to represent abstract interconnections and processes.

She started and realized projects like Story generator(1999) - a new visualization approach of film dramaturgy; Public Interludes (2004) - a simulation concept for city development based on the social inter-player's motivation patterns; 15 years transit (2004-2006) - a three channel audiovisual installation about architecture and architects; Reality_Resonance, (2004-2006) - an interactive video installation of pseudo semantic video archive of mobile phone videos; Verba-Signa Popularia (2006-2008) - a large scale, custom designed LED display visualizing e-mail archive data of the Corvinus University in Budapest.

Her works were shown several collective exhibitions and festivals across Europe. She owned Rubik Scholarship (1989), George Soros Scholarship (1999), EMARE European Media Arts Scholarship (1998, 2000), with her Gate video installation she won the SUB VOCE (Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest, 1991), international media art exhibition's 2nd prize. In 2006 she won the first prize of the Art Universitas programme's art competition with a large scale data-visualization wall design. She is one of the founder (2000) of online cultural news - now market leader - site about contemporary architecture, urban and visual culture. She currently works as an independent artist/researcher and as an art & architecture related journalist.

As a designer she contributed a lot with broadcast and audiovisual communication designs to televisions, corporations and institutions. Now she has commissions as a design and communication expert, publishes articles, studies, interviews and holds lectures, initiates and moderates events, symposia and talk shows. She taught at the Moholy-Nagy Art University in Budapest (1989-2007), and as the head of the video department she introduced new hybrid educational programme (2003-2006) as well as she co-designed the curriculum of the Media Design programme launched in 2007. She earned DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts equivalent to PhD) degree in intermedia arts at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2007.

(, 6.10.2014)