Nothing Special Happened

DE 1996

THE OLD STORY: My formal video works are based on audio-visual expressivity using the special effects what video post-production ever could offer. "Joz, Ek & Lili" is almost a traditional filmstory but using a lot of image and sound manipulation. It "reconstructed" the well-known myths of Paris and the three goddesses in contemporary scenes. The story of the Golden Apple is pre-destined. (The choice of Paris leads definitely to war.) It is mirroring the importance of key-points in linear structure, including possible human participation. The story's causal line is a certain development, indepent from the actual players. Sometimes we call this "destiny". The key figure's-character is formed by the necessity to fit in.
THE LAST UPDATED VERSION: This video is an experiment to create new links between the different players, rebuilding the old story inlets say like "hypertext" language. The last updated version of the Golden Apple story would be different when the goddesses do not participate in any competition the whole story ends immediately. There is no anger, no jealousy what leads to war, nothing to tell anymore: no news! However Paris, our hero in this version says somewhere: everything happens in the background, even if it exposed I know: nothing. Anything can happen if all exists in this made up present and nothing is coming to be again.

Erika Pásztor, DE 1996