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Lunch In The Ashes

DE 2002

“Lunch In The Ashes” is a composite of four individual works by the artists Maria Thereza Alves (Berlin), Madhusree Dutta (Bombay), Jayce Salloum (Vancouver) and Shelly Silver (New York City). The idea to invite these artists, whose works are generally not created in a German context, originated from their joint projects and long-standing friendships. The artists deal with the concepts of internationalism, borders and utopia. Accompanied by six months of email communication, these videos were produced, and weave a network of subjective, site-specific and political thoughts: to have lunch in the ashes of grand utopian promises.

Installation with four video works in four containers (2002), exhibited in Tornitz and Werkleitz:

Looking, Maria Thereza Alves, 2002, video, ca. 1,5 min
Seven Islands and a Metro, Madhusree Dutta, 2002, video, ca. 5 min
(as if) beauty never ends, Jayce Salloum, 2002, video, ca. 15 min
Evening, Shelly Silver, 2002, videoinstallation

Lunch In The Ashes