Germany 2012

In her interactive infography Balboa will point to the restrictions of geopolitics, treating the topic of ownership and sale of the top level internet domain “.tv”. This domain is owned by the Tuvalu Islands, a tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean which is expected to disappear into the ocean in the nearer future due to the sea-level rise as an effect of global warming and ecological decay. Balboa’s project seeks to develop a critical note on the uniformity of geopolitical power by recovering information on the use of internet domains. In doing so, it shows that the commercial imago on the net leads to serious omissions that, in turn, lead to disinformation and restricted access to critical realities.

In this installation Balboa will point to the topic of compiling statistics to translate them into an understanding of the relationship between the reality of an isolated community that exists in its own terms somehow detached from western culture and the importance of keeping the notion of mass media preservation in the Internet.