Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


DE 2000


What does G.U.N mean? It stands for Global United Network. Of course, that means nothing. This is a common trick in corporate media. Lots of words and expressions like „teleworking“, „information society“ or „transculturality“ are used for intellectual masturbation, like dildo-memes; they are in a context in which they are devoted of any meaning. We have developed a semantic network to infuse these memes some meaning. Each word in the semantic network is linked to a webpage. In every webpage there are three different mediatic expressions (a sound, an image and a revolutionary saying) that transmit emotions and information to generate meaningful memes in people.

Due to the digital revolution, everybody can be an „artist“ in the sense that everybody has access to technical resources to express themselves and produce emotions to people. So what's the main characteristic of teleartists? A critical use of multimedia technology to point at the good, the bad and the ugly uses of technology. If art is a need, then we have the need to express ourselves and say it multimedially loud how we feel. If Internet is an agora, we don't want to delegate our freedom of expression in anybody else.

We see how international festival give awards to the more technologically hyped and trendy. Big corporations sponsorize complex multimedia installations that are state of the art technology. So far so good, but is this the only way – or even the main way- to do digital art? Our answer is a radical NO, and this is why we use low tech. Art is a way to express ourselves, our emotions, desires and beliefs. A sketch of a happy face made by paper and pencil can be a lot more expressive and meaningful than a 100 million color animation with super-ultra-mega surrounding system sound.

Moreover, low tech is cheap, high tech is expensive. If everybody should turn into a teleartist, the cheaper the technology and the easier to use, the better.

We want total control. We want to be programmers, designers, creative team, distributors and whatever else is needed. This is another reason to prefer low tech: the lower the technology the easier to control it.

G.U.N. is a project developed by O Cangaço do Santo File, a mediatic guerrilla towards a memegenic vision of life.