Fraccionamientos, Tlatelolco (El Andamio), Blow Up

Mexico 2010

Kathrin Kur presents a photo series and two videos from Mexico City. The photo series Fraccionamientos portrays the boom in standardised housing estates in Mexican industrial centres such as Aguascalientes and Chilpancingo. These heavily guarded compounds are reminiscent of the reglemented architecture of modernism and shed light on a country influenced by American capitalism and living in continuous fear of criminality. Tlatelolco borders on Tepito, the most dangerous area in Mexico City. In the Mexican psyche it remains darkly burdened as the site of the student massacre of ’68 and the catastrophic destruction of the 1980s earthquake. Against this background, the video piece Tlatelolco (El Andamio) shows an acrobat whose nightly training in a public sport facility becomes a contest against himself. A further video piece Blow Up investigates the striking religious re-enactments and performances surrounding the explosive hammer ritual, which takes place annually in the village of San Juan de la Vega, Guanajuato.

photo series and two videos

Fraccionamientos, Tlatelolco (El Andamio), Blow Up