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Film programme

Ein Gefühl von sich selbst


In the history of the Federal Republic of Germany social marketing campaigns were a frequent appearance, combining lobby interests with appeals to the popular conscience. A prototype was the informal circle of entrepreneurs that came together under the name “DIE WAAGE. Gemeinschaft zur Förderung des sozialen Ausgleichs e.V.“ [The Scales. Association for the advancement of social equity] and was active from 1952 to 1965, propagating social market economy. The programme Ein Gefühl von sich selbst kicks off with the last advertising film from WAAGE from 1959, one of the first animated films by the comedian Loriot, Mit beiden Füßen auf der Erde. The programme queries the relation between the individual and society, freedom and optimisation in capitalism. Hellmuth Costard’s nearly hour-long film Teilweise von mir – Ein Volksstück from 1973 asks such questions as “What is the difference between advertising and announcing?”, “Do you have a job that genuinely fulfils you?”, “Why do we not sew our own clothes?” Hundreds of passersby each utter a single thought, phrase or slogan. The result is a collective monologue, a “popular play” in the true sense, whose critical view of the western way of living and working in the early 70s is as relevant today as ever. Jürgen Brügger’s and Jörg Haaßengier’s Kopfende Haßloch (Mapping the German) (2006) documents a community in Rhineland-Palatinate that is so normal and average as to be chosen for testing products and marketing. All the inhabitants’ supermarket purchases are registered and subliminal advertisements are inserted into the television programmes. The film contains a reference to “controlled reality”.

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