Die moderne Stadt


In cooperation with Architekturkreis Halle Werkleitz continues the film programme which had been initiated with Neustadt und die neuen Städte for the 50th anniversary of Halle-Neustadt 2014. Film curator Florian Wüst presents the newly published DVD Die moderne Stadt. Filmessays zur neuen Urbanität der 1950/60er Jahre. Along with ideals of „New Construction" of the 1920s the modernisation of European cities aimed to create better living conditions for the working class after 1945. There was a lack of housing space everywhere. Industrial mass production and consumer culture have severely changed the people and their social relationships. Film became a suitablemedium to advertise city and traffic models "of tomorrow" on one hand and to express criticism onrationalised life styles on the other hand. The four documentary and experimental short films which we will show in this DVD presentation open up a unique historic view on controversies around the modern city.

19 Uhr:
Die Stadt von Morgen — Ein Film vom Städtebau. Maximilian von Goldbeck & Erich Kotzer, D 1930, 33 min
Die Stadt, Herbert Vesely, BRD 1960, 36 min

21 Uhr:
Bag de ens facader, Peter Weiss, DK 1961, 27 min
Die gemordete Stadt, Manfred Durniok, BRD 1965, 40 min

DVD Die moderne Stadt: Ralph Ehe and Florian Wüst (publ.), absolut MEDIEN, 6+1 films, 177min

Kleine Ulrichstrasse 22 Zazie Kino&Bar 06108 Halle (Saale)