Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


Curious About Existence


Brothers and sisters, those I shall address are gathered here, so that you will belong to the circle of the initiated, that has grown naturally, by listening until the end of my lamentation. Those who’ve attained the intuitive tolerance, the ultimate incomprehensibility, of all things. Oh Mama Rahm Shikah, I have built you a temple. I built it in the sewers; the design was simple. I modelled your chambers on my organs and tissues. Cause my body is your residence as I am your issue. It’s fascinating to me that the people who’d believe that this place is a place of torment, putatively also believe that this place could be a place of sublimity, and of joy. In the other story this place is a place of fire. In one variant of the story there’s a gate, and a wall. In this variant of the story the wall is low enough that one can climb over it, and some do. What’s inside the wall is larger than what is outside. Die Zeit im Schlaf – Träume – allgemein – dass es für jeden Menschen einen Tod gibt – Die physikalische Kraft – die das menschliche Fliegen – unmöglich macht. In the night we will play in the skies like bats. In the day we will bathe in the sewer like rats. And I will know joy, and I will feel free, because you’ve taught me disorder and entropy. I encourage you to consider this storm and ship as one and the same entity. Through quiet consideration of this matter, you may find that the sea will grow less angry, that it may even calm, with time, to the cool, bright stillness, that you seek. Use emptiness to observe emptiness, and see there is no emptiness. When even emptiness is no more, there is no more non-being either. Without even the existence of non-being, there is only serenity, profound and everlasting. Indeed gentlemen, life, when it is understood and utilised for what it is, tastes sweet.

The quotes above, distinguished by variations of grey, are all taken from the works shown in Curious About Existence and can be taken as essential points of departure. Supplemented further by works that respond to our deepest visual desires – ranging from a choreographed primate-dance to culinary eccentricities to visionary reflective performances – Curious About Existence offers and evokes (space for) profound reflection. Play along and compare your thoughts to the truths on offer.

All works © with the artists and, except where indicated differently, by courtesy of the artists.