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#Un/ordnungsgemäße Körper

Arts of Vulnerability

DE 2021

The time has come to move beyond the centrality of the human as we know it. Instead we should make space for entanglements and symbiosis – even if it hurts.

Drawing on her transdisciplinary art practice, Margherita Pevere will share her current research to discuss crucial questions of our time. The first questions to address are who are “we” and what is “our” time? This will make it possible to talk about limits, knowledge, data, and bodily secretions. Margherita’s ideas take on the radical gesture of reclaiming the vulnerability of our bodies from both technological incursions as well as ecological complexities. Reclaiming vulnerability means to acknowledge how bodies are inherently exposed and never sealed, and simultaneously celebrate this lack of closure as that which enables coexistence. Reclaiming vulnerability is a radical political act in times of surging environmental disruption: It becomes necessary to rethink the human towards a more-than-human or perhaps ahuman dimension. Reclaiming is not enough though: What is needed is to learn how to navigate the complexities of our time, leaving aside the illusion of techno-fixes. What we may need are “arts of vulnerability” as an artistic, ethical, and tactical strategy.

Get ready for a free dive into environmental humanities, ecologies of death and sex, bioart and performance practice, queer and feminist studies, with a provocative take on the classical separation between embodiment and environment.

Lecture with Margherita Pevere (IT), moderated by Daniela Silvestrin (DE)

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