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Beyond the Depths - Solo exhibition by Viktor Brim at M HKA Antwerp


Entitled Beyond the Depths, Viktor Brim's solo exhibition opens on January 20 at the
M HKA , Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp.
Exhibition period: January 20 - May 5, 2024

In the exhibition Brim's video installation Dark Matter (2020) - presented during the Werkleitz Festival 2020 Unter uns - Bildproduktion im Mansfelder Land - takes us to a huge diamond mine in the city of Mirny in Sakha (formerly Yakutia), a republic in Russia. Filmed during the special light of the "blue hour" in this Arctic region, industrial machines can be seen from a distance in the dystopian landscape, which winds into a colossal void in the ground and shows how human activity inscribes itself into the landscape.
A new installation forms a choreography of images from three projects that continue Brim's investigation of geology, time, economics and politics.

Geological time is a central notion with which Brim considers the life of minerals and matter over imperceptibly long periods of time, as was also experienced in his video installation The cavity on the inside as part of the Werkleitz Festival 2023 Mein Schatz.

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