Weißwasser Rundfahrt 01

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2022 Mehr oder Weniger

Parent Event

Filmprogramm Werkleitz Festival 2022 Fragt die Steine
Weißwasser Rundfahrt 01
DE 2020
Filmstill aus Weißwasser Rundfahrt 01, Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers, 2020
© Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers

Glass, coal – growing, shrinking – building up, breaking down: Weißwasser is transformation. Bursting with strength and full of vulnerability. Losses are mourned while new dreams are born. The short documentary uses history, the body, work and landscape to examine the changeability of a city, its people, its nature and an entire region. All of them are inscribed with a recurring necessity that can become a great ability: to reinvent itself again and again.

Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers, DE 2020, 11’