Subconscious Areas

DE 2013

The two channel video and sound installation shows the physical environments of seven people of three different countries and different social backgrounds. Meanwhile the seven anonymous people tell one dream which took place in a for them significant environment/space. The sound and the second videolayer which occurs and disappears underline the related dream content, whereas the images show what surrounds these people in their waken life.

The first videolayer shows the landscapes, on the one hand in still images, which observe the places from a distant perspective and on the other hand in wide-angled moving images that describe the artists way through the landscapes of her protagonists.

In the second videolayer appears an anonymous unspecified person which makes movements and plays around with objects that are somehow related to the dreams that are told.
Both video images are projected on two screens, which are part of an object made of tent poles. The object has a mobile and ephemeric character which underlines the volatility of the topic. One of the screens is transparent and the other one opaque, which has the effect, that on the opaque side the videos are merging to one image and on the transparent side the overlaying images are visibly separated into a fore- and backgrouns.

2 channel video and sound installation