Matamoros en

Matamoros is the story of an old drug runner. The lead, Pedro Vázquez Reyes, gives a detailed account of encounters, exchanges and armed confrontations, giving each character their own voice with warmth and hilarity. Edgardo Aragón decides to re-enact on film the events as told, but the images don’t match the words exactly, creating between the story and us viewers a space capable of transposing the truculent, terrible anecdotes into a distant, absurd world. The surprise is that the story is based on an actual journey made by the artist’s father, who once carried drugs from Oaxaca to Tamaulipas by way of the US. Nonetheless, no moral judgment is made, and the images that go with the words are able to create a journey running parallel to that of the story, where the majesty of the landscape contrasts with the resignation of its inhabitants and with the commitments they are willing to take on in order to survive.Author: Eva Sangiorgi