DE 2006

Zone*Interdite caused a worldwide sensation with the unveiling of a children's prison in Guantánamo Bay, the photo identification of the secret prison in Bagram or the insights into the Camp Bucca prison camp in Iraq. However, the project is not about political or military strategies, but about something that directly and personally concerns all of us: our own imagination and the ability of our independent perception.

Zone*Interdite (French for forbidden, military zone) is based on a contradiction: we are not allowed to enter military areas, the representation is forbidden. Nevertheless, images appear in the media. is a collection, location and condensation of these images. The media art project questions one's own views between power and powerlessness. The forbidden terrain is explored in virtual reconstructions. Behind a confessional reflex (friend or enemy? patriot or traitor?) approaches to sovereign reflection open up.

Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud, 2000-ongoing, participative online tools