Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Zapping Line

DE 1995

My project zapping-lines is crystalized gesticulation between different technologically bound gestures of an individual, from the passive zapping and automatic clicking via the more active sampling to the self maintaining insert-gesture. My intention is to distill just a little more information about our human condition out of an accelerated world of images. (...)
I myself can do nothing but be engulfed by this reality and also zap around eagerly bored. Now and then it can happen, that I catch a couple of rastered flickers with my camera. Pictures of pictures of an imagined outlook on the world. Only by sampling these redundant shots like a DJ and assembling them in different series as rhythm, can I hope to somehow flow in the stream of images as a subject and perhaps even gain influence on it. My artistic requirements demand from me not so much an exercise of power or saving of hangerons, but moreso a finding of one's self, which is necessary to survive. Via insert edit I try to switch myself on with my own programme: my selfconciousness as a "resistance - image", as a trench of my longings and fears, as a commercial of my innermost self assurance, so that I start to "buy" when advertised to me often enough.


Zapping Line