Curated by Gerhard Wissner, Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival

Wir geben Ihrer Zukunft ein Zuhause


The core of the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival are the some 30 short film compilations that are selected and curated by a six-person team every year from the approximately 2000 works submitted. Traditionally the festival focuses on such themes as architecture, city development and urbanity, as is reflected in such programme titles as Wohnen im Quadrat or StadtPlan: Trümmer der Zukunft. For the Werkleitz Festival 2017, the last ten years of the Kassel festival archive were combed through for works on the subject of the city, housing and community. The result is the short film programme Wir geben Ihrer Zukunft ein Zuhause (Giving Your Future a Home), the title of which was borrowed from an advertising slogan devised in West Germany in the 1970s, which is still used by all regional offices of the LBS bank. A seemingly individual dream is reduced here to a common denominator. The international works featured in the programme examine the housing and living spaces of human beings. The films ask how the notions and realities of life in the urban setting are changing. Collective and individual longings are explored, the faith in the future harboured by architects and the functional mechanisms of capitalism are critically examined and the question is raised whether proven models shouldn’t simply be copied.

Introduction: Gerhard Wissner

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