Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Willkommen im Rosenzimmer

DE 1998

Sabine Hartung has created a spatial installation in the gallery of the church: „Welcome to the Rose Room". This Offenbach-based artist has spent more than ten years working almost exclusively with the motif of the rose – the queen of flowers – generally seen as the symbol of beauty, veneration, affection and love and is thus perhaps the greatest possible antipode to the evils of the world. After all, could there ever be „beautiful monsters" or „evil roses"?

Sabine Hartung draws, paints, collects, investigates and documents images of roses. She draws up meticulous lists of terms with rigid descriptions and her company „Rosecraft" offers a whole set of different types which can be ordered in the desired format and colour combinations. Many of her installation works appear as advertising blocks, i.e. they are seldom about one single exhibit but rather about the special character of the series – that is the series of great compliments of „Say it with flowers", which Hartung subjects to a cool, sometimes normative investigation. This can be appreciated easily when we look at the filing cabinet full of a variety of material: A suite of furniture is an invitation to stay, read and peruse. However, Hartung uses the walls to present original oil paintings and several blocks of extremely fine and fascinating drawings (pencil, distemper and computer drawings) which are arranged according to various aspects of her interest in the subject: natural studies, word lists, gestures of giving, taking and paying compliments; roses as accessories, roses as emblems as well as statistical graphs illustrating her work with „roses".

Sabine Hartung (D), Willkommen im Rosenzimmer, installation for the Biennale: paintings, drawings, files, archive shelves, files, photos, seating area, carpet etc.