Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


DE 1999

The framed pictures presented at the youth club were produced over a period of several years, during which Stefan Panhans photographed young women and girls in the downtown-areas of Hamburg and Cologne, at fairs, in galleries and fashion boutiques, in their working spaces within the lifestyle industry. At the youth club, these pictures are presented as if part of the interior decoration designed by the users themselves; they offer a dialogue, create a connection to the possible reality and desires of the younger generation. The interior design of the fashion shops, galleries and fair booths, at which these young women work as sales assistants, directs the view, allows approach and plays with distance. Panhans photographies do not only expose
the mechanisms of this presentation and staging of commodities, but also allows glimpses of unguarded moments and everyday reality of these young women, consciously or unconsciously included within these set-ups. The appearance and the adaptation of these sales assistants to their environment is both personal expression and necessary attribute in a world, in which individuality and tiny differences have created a substantial economic growth area.

Stefan Panhans, DE 1999/2000, o.T., Lambdachrom