Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Werkleitz Festival 2022


AT 2018

In a sophisticated collage technique, the artist composes a huge, coherent tableaux from photos and video recordings of different mines. The video animation is an unbroken diagonal tracking shot. At the start, what one is being offered to look at isn´t clear. An irregular, crystalline relief in various tones of brown under a tender layer of clouds moves past the viewer. For lack of scale, the eye becomes lost in the abstract forms. Gradually, details surface that make it possible to guess that it is an aerial view of mountain ranges. Buildings and streets become recognizable. Without cuts, the landscape transforms noticeably, traces of mining ostentatiously appear. The transition between outdoors and indoors occurs seamlessly. Viewers suddenly find themselves again in a dark, cavernous labyrinth that is only partially illuminated by the lamps of moving flashlights. One becomes increasingly lost in the darkness and the films ends in black.

Claudia Larcher, AT 2018, 5’