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Nicht löschbares Feuer

BRD 1969

"In 1968, Farocki and seventeen further students were thrown out of the Berlin Film Academy; a year later, 'Nicht löschbares Feuer' was produced, the most important agitprop film of the anti-Vietnam War movement. It is a treatise on the production of napalm, the division of labour and heteronomous consciousness, possessing Brechtian austerity, a didactical style and an incisive diction. Nowadays, it is a document of the pedagogical rigorousness of the 1968 student movement, but also of its capacity to shed light on complicated contexts in such a way that understanding and acting became a natural unity." (Klaus Kreimeier)

BRD 1969, 16mm, 25 min, OF mit engl. UT

Nicht löschbares Feuer