Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Elaste aus Schkopau [Elastic from Schkopau]

DDR 1968

The image film Elaste aus Schkopau by VEB Chemische Werke Buna was intended to promote East German chemical exports. With extremely dynamic editing and an experimental approach the film appears to reflect the influence of innovative West German corporate films of the 1960s. The manifold uses of synthetic fabrics are shown by means of image and music alone, as there is absolutely no narrative or commentary. The film’s director, Uwe Belz, was one of the most active East German film-makers. He worked for years in the popular scientific film department of the DEFA studios, creating mostly documentary films, travel reports and profiles, as well as a number of other corporate films in addition to Elaste aus Schkopau.

Uwe Belz, DDR 1968, 10'