Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen



How would it feel to live in a lighter world? Gravity, which keeps us grounded, even if invisible, is one of the main forces shaping our lives here on Earth, as is time. If everything had less weight, on a planet like Mars, how much of what we know would be different, and how would our society be reshaped? If the absence of gravity caused chaos, how would we manage to restore harmony?

In Weightless, Andrej Boleslavský transports us to this imaginary place through a VR environment, creating a cinematic experience of contemporary dance. As an art directly connected to gravity -whether it aims to follow it or defy it- dance takes on new meaning when that force is altered. Offering a window into an alternate world, the artist invites us to watch the dancers as their bodies detach from the earth, asking us to rethink ‘from above’ notions such as unity, encounter, and destination.

This work was realised within the framework of the European Media Art Platforms (EMAP) programme at Onassis Stegi (GR) with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.