Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Interrelations according after Hans H.

DE 1998

The role artists or cultural producers actually play and want to play in society is a question continually demanding decisions. Nine Budde has taken it upon herself to address this topic in a very tongue-in-cheek way, in the common room of the voluntary fire brigade in Tornitz. In her immediate social environment in Weimar she spread the offer that she was available for producing video clips on order. The installation in the common room of the voluntary fire brigade in Tornitz presented these framed order forms, as if they were certificates or historical contracts, a monitor showed the video clips matching the orders. The topics to be treated were described by catchwords, which lead to such off-beat titles as "Kunst und Kicken" (Art and Soccer) and "Mein geiles Deodorant" (My Hot Deodorant), featuring Budde as a _ service- provider and actress all at the same time, each time sporting the same flowered dress. A variety of film genres is rehearsed, encompassing a whole range from the nostalgic quality of the super-8 silent movie (Kunst und Kicken), the frontal ‘talking heads TV-situation (Mein geiles Deo), the subjective hand-held camera (Fiir...) to the aesthetics of American low-budget movies (Meine liebste Musik-Kassette/My favorite MC). In"Mein geiles Deo" the artist can be seen spreading the content of a jar of chocolate-spread under her armpits before succumbing to a laughing fit. In "Kunst und Kicken" she evokes Ives Klein’s Bodyprints by dipping a soccer ball into blue paint and kicking it towards a goal painted onto a wall, where it leaves blue dots. The videos produced express a rather absurd image of the service industry, though leaving behind the impression that the realisation and marketability of such a service is very close at hand.

Nine Budde, DE 1998, Interrelations according after Hans H., Installation.

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