Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Walk (Square)

UK 2011

A train of children slowly flocks towards an illuminated white balloon in the middle of a public square where they remain frozen until gradually more groups of teenagers join the ever-growing circle. The faces of these youngsters, captured up-close by the camera placed under the balloon, reveal excitement and suspense, but also boredom. After a rhythmic hand clapping concert the circle dissolves; the children leave the square, running and skipping towards their waiting parents or making their way home in small groups of friends. Walk (Square) documents the mass performance of one thousand school children on a public square in Hamburg. The month-long collaboration between the London-based German artist Melanie Manchot and different local schools resulted in a minimal choreography that leaves its audience observing, rather than understanding. The title refers to early studio performances of the American conceptual artist Bruce Nauman, who in turn was deeply inspired by Samuel Beckett. Manchot relocates Nauman’s absurdist studio works into the context of urban space using the film apparatus as a spatial frame for her crowd choreography.


HD, col, 21 min

Trailer zur Eröffnungsperformance "Walk"