Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

VÖLKER schauen


Zoo-Natur and the Zoo-Kabinett are open till November 3, 2011. The exhibition presents artistic statements on the mise-en-scene of the natural environment. The Kabinett exhibits items from both private and public natural history collections from Halle collections, presenting them in the historical style of such collections. The finissage to the exhibition ZOO-Natur provides a finale to the festival forum in the form of an evening of Völker schauen [anthropological displays]. The event provides perspectives on contemporary exoticism and the reception of Völker schauen. Markus Höhne from the Max Planck Institute for Ethnology presents his report on the controversial African Village Augsburg from 2005. Theresa George, student of ethnology at Leipzig University, presents her field research on exoticism and mise-en-scene strategies in zoos. Andreas Linse, student of ethnology at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg, shows excerpts from newsreels and passages from the documentary film From Bella Coola to Berlin from Barbara Hager (CAN, 2005). In the period from 1870 to the beginning of WWII, Völker schauen enjoyed enormous popularity within European entertainment culture. The theme evening Völker schauen closes the Forum Zoo-Natur, reporting in particular on the continuation of similar practices in German zoos and animal parks.

Moderation: Oliver Müller (Curator Festival Forum)