Visiting Artist Hartmut Geerken

Root Event

Visiting Artist Hartmut Geerken
27. 5. 2010


Hartmut Geerken (ReferentIn)

The multitalented Hartmut Geerken works as an author and composer and is going to read at least one scary novel from his book gavdos – eine petersburger hängung. Moreover, Geerken is going to present excerpts from his audio play bunker which was made out of a chronobiological self-test when in 1986 Geerken enclosed himself in a sound isolated bunker for four weeks. Against the supposal that he would be suffering from silence and loneliness Geerken felt save inside the bunker.
 In his new audio play votris visited no. zero minus one Geerken curiousity about the fact that he might also be a bumlebee breeder.

 The presentation is moderated by Ralf Wendt (Radio Corax 95,5)

Moderation: Ralf Wendt (Radio Corax 95,5)