Visiting Artist Fawzy Emrany

Root Event

Visiting Artist Fawzy Emrany
22. 9. 2010
JO 2007


Fawzy Emrany (ReferentIn)

Media artist Fawzy Emrany is invited as Visiting Artist to dieschönestadt (in cooperation with Werkleitz) to present his video arab army which is included in the current exhibition attacks on linking. Fawzy Emrany works with video and site-specific interventions mostly in public space in the Middle East and especially in Amman, Jordan as in his pieces dice and counting years.
Fawzy Emrany was born in Gaza, Palastine. He studied in Nablus, Western Jordan and at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. Currently he resides in Bonn and Amman, Jordan. His work focuses on the visual appearence of political and economic instability which goes along with unpredictability and insecurity.