Vietnam Napalm

VN 1972

Nick Uts famous photograph of Kim Phúc, the girl burned by napalm, is aniconof antiwar photography; the original photo is now in the hands of art dealers. This lesser known film was shot shortly after the photo was taken. Not only are the images gruesome, so too the accompanying comments on YouTube, where we see American racism meeting its match in anti-Americanism (the fact that it was a South Vietnamese attack is given no further attention): "I want to kill American soldiers and George W. Bush. Fucking murders kids, men and women worldwide! I live in Poland. I hope that despite this a lot of American soldiers in Iraq will get lost." ... "Americans are the worst animals on this planet, criminals, terrorists, liers ... [sic] " ... "I hope you get napalmed, you fucking redneck" ... "hhmmm bomb a village with women and children, why did not you just nuke 'em" ... "Vietnamese are the ugliest and dirtiest race on the earth after Chinese. So you all deserve to die," and so on.

Video, 2 min

Video "Napalm Girl Phan Thị Kim Phúc"