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#decolonizing visions of nature

Interconnectedness and ways of being human today

DE 2021

We are certainly living interesting times. The consequences of how humans in the industrialised world have been shaping the planet, mishandling fellow humans and nature to suit our needs are real and happening here and now. Facing a ten-year deadline to avoid cascades of devastating losses in the next decades, these times are asking us to connect with our humanity, with other ways of being in the world and with our creative capacities more than ever; in other words, to decolonise our perceptions of nature and our role within it. We are being asked to see ourselves as part of an interconnected whole; to consider how the thread of our lives and our actions intertwine with and affect the threads of other lives and life forms around us. How do we achieve such a shift? How do we manage to push less our own agendas and join more the web of life? To address these questions, Ela Spalding will quote texts by various authors and share examples of her art and facilitation work that use technology as methods and processes to encourage empathy, slowing down, listening and interconnection.

Lecture with Ela Spalding (PA), moderated by Regine Rapp (DE)

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