Our African Trip

AT 1966

Even though Kubelka's predilection for subversion was known, a travel group commissioned him to document their African safari. Kubelka worked for five years on the unbelievably precise image and sound editing of Our African Trip. The film exposes its sponsors as selfimportant, insipid and cruel intruders and shows clear sympathies with the African tribal people and the native animals. [...] (Adam Sitney)

from Common Property

Although Peter Kubelka's tendency towards subversion was known, a party of tourists commissioned him to document their safari in Africa. Kubelka worked for five years on the fantastically precise image and sound montage of 'Unsere Afrikareise'. The film exposes his host as a self-important, witless and cruel intruders, while the African tribe members and the native fauna are in contrast depicted with clear sympathy. In Kubelka's words, each moment is a 'synchronous event', orginating from the clash of disparate images and sounds that were recorded during the safari.

Peter Kubelka, AT 1966, 13 min

Film "Unsere Afrikareise"