Une Jeunesse Allemande – Eine deutsche Jugend

FR/CH/DE 2015

Une Jeunesse Allemande takes a look at the FRG in the RAF era from the outside. Yet the French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot does not offer simple answers or explanations. Instead he creates an incisive commentary on history and violence by assembling only archive material. His film documents the conflict between the state and the RAF, which was also a war of images. A war which has been fiercely discussed and commented on, not only in the media but in the film scene as well. Périot artfully intercuts the many different positions to create a kaleidoscope of many voices – including many film excerpts from Fassbinder in "Germany in Autumn" to "Zabriskie Point" by Antonioni, as well as student films by Holger Meins and reports from Ulrike Meinhof, both of which have never been shown again.

Jean-Gabriel Périot, FR/CH/DE 2015, 93 min

Trailer "Une Jeunesse Allemande – Eine deutsche Jugend"