Unbekanntes Gesicht


Starting from the premise that each face is unique and defines our identity, Anni Garza proposes a reflection on the use of social networks' portraits through the reconfiguration of the photographs taken within an application of face detection for processing them with generative art.
The aim of the project is to implement an application for mobile devices, based on the aforementioned concerns, to safeguard the most precious of our identity (the face) replacing it with a mathematical and metaphorical interpretation of what that face is inside a picture. The result, a photo with a twisted aesthetic sense of the human figure, is then posted on social networks, where the image of "self" can now be safely shared. The presentation will discuss how identity is exposed or distorted within social networks and the consequences in relationships that goes along with it. At the same time it will be broadly explained how generative art is developed and why using a face as a starting point creates a very paticular type of visual process.

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