Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images

Parent Event

CA 1996

A layered, subjective work this video will investigate the interplay between public events and personal memories. A fictionalized account of story fragments, an ensemble of episodes, whose composition is governed by metaphorical association, the narrative of Triptych is based on incidental texts as well as personal recollections. The underlying story evokes early memories and images of my triplet sons, who in their childhood inhabited a special world of their own, including a private language. The different story lines may or may not be parts of a single unified account, images of each frame survive in the others. The reconstruction of events is provoked and pressed forward by generative elements such as still (family) photos, altered moving images, text fragments, archival footage etc. New links are forged through post production effects, the story turns upon itself in the very act of being watched it exposes its devices self-consiously, even assertively.

video, ca. 15 min