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The Truth Lie(s) in Rostock

GB / DE 1993

“August 1992, Lichtenhagen estate, Rostock, former East Germany. Police withdrew as fascists fire bombed a refugee centre and the home of
Vietnamese guest workers while 3000 spectators stood by and clapped. Using footage filmed from inside the targeted houses and interviews
with anti-fascists, the Vietnamese guest workers, police, bureaucrats, neo-nazis and residents, a story of political collusion and fear unfolds.” (Spectacle Productions Ltd.)
The video production resulted from a workshop held with Rostockers who were in the assaulted hostel of former Vietnamese contract workers. In contrast to the usual news coverage that reported from a railway bridge looking down on the burning building, this video does not distance itself. The Truth Lie(s) in Rostock does not view the “events” that took place ten years ago as a coincidence: politicians and the police cleared the way for a general bloodthirsty mood.

Spectacle for Channel Four, Mark Saunders/Siobhan Cleary (GB / D), 1993, 78 Min.

The Truth Lie(s) in Rostock