Curated by Janina Kriszio and Cornelia Lund

Terrible Houses in Danger


As one of the most popular and at the same time most expensive cities in Germany, Hamburg is no exception when it comes to the struggle for urban living space. The discussion around the “Right to the City" movement has been driven by a broad range of initiatives and participants who organize political activities with great creative and aesthetic ingenuity. The short film programme Terrible Houses in Danger is dedicated to this approach, which in Hamburg has a long tradition. The initial stage of the battle for housing in the 1970s was shaped in large part by the video activists from the Medienpädagogik Zentrum Hamburg (Media Educational Centre or MPZ). The title Terrible Houses in Danger was taken from a well-known video produced by MPZ in 1985, which lent a powerful voice to the building occupations of the Hafenstraße. The portrayal of this prominent house occupation is complemented by shorter films and videos from the last few years that present different actors and the methods they use in their urban, grassroots political struggles – from ironic instructions on how to decrease the value of one’s neighbourhood in Abwertungskit, to the music video “Echohäuser-Song” made during the struggle for the Esso houses, to the crowdfunding trailer buy buy st. pauli, to Doro Carl’s and Claudia Reiche’s documentary essay Bodenerhebungen (Grounds Rising) about the conversion of a large brewery and railyard in Altona.

Introduction and moderation: Janina Kriszio, Cornelia Lund
With special guests: Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche

Große Ulrichstraße 12 Festivalzentrum 06108 Halle (Saale)