Tao m’a dit …

BE 2011

The winner of the 2011 A38 production scholarship is Léo Médard with the film Tao m'a dit... Léo Médard travels to Beijing inspired (or weighted down?) by reading Lao-Tse's "Daodejing". He wants to see with his own eyes what the book spoke to him about. It is not surprising that he does not find any pictures that explain Taoism to him. But let us not be mistaken. During the erratic search in the big city, frame by frame, a film is composed, which in the end is perhaps a Taoist bravura piece.

Regie: Léo Médard
Produktion: Marianne Binard
Kamera: Léo Médard
Belgien / 00:18:05 / französisch, chinesisch / englische UT