Mexico 2012

The piece Susurrus follows on from Vedder’s artistic investigations into the ramifications of mobility, mass media and finance systems. Susurrus is part of a global stocktaking of the electricity industry’s encroachments into nature and the landscape. At the heart of the installation is the electromagnetic radiation from the power lines that surround us ubiquitously though inaudibly. These immissions are regarded as a possible health risk. Since we cannot perceive them we suppress their existence. In Susurrus magnetic fields from above ground power lines are made audible using a homemade antenna. On the screens in the installation we see various landscapes with high voltage power poles filmed in Mexico. Every image is ascribed to the buzz of its respective electromagnetic field. Together, the different tone frequencies generate an audio composition deploying the exhibition space.


Dieter Daniels und Maria Vedder über "Susurrus"