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Street Symphony

MX 2006

Sarah Minter's video is a visual symphony of Mexico City’s downtown area, from street vendors setting up shop to the interaction of the people there. The singsong voices and repetitive calling to prospective customers merge with the sound of the film to create the experience of this great city. Street Symphony emphasizes the noises and sounds that accompany daily activities, making them especially characteristic. The video, filmed a few years back, foresaw the extinction of this type of street life, already precarious. Though constantly scaled down, street vending represents the only “legal” alternative to unemployment for the lower class, and in a way, the video demands the right of the cities inhabitants to frequent their own streets. Images are repeated and fragmented in an attempt to portray the frenzy and density that characterize the megalopolis, as well as the energy and intensity of its historical downtown area.Author: Eva Sangiorgi

MX 2006, Video, 5:40 min

Film "Street Symphony"