Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


CZ 1989

In this play the author is also the performer. This work deals with women's pants. By using a stamp with the print "ex libris Miroslav Klivar" on it the author is trying to mark them in order to identify them. The pants are " in a symbolical way " meant to be some kind of books to the artist. He is reading in them about the destiny of the woman. The stamp can never ever be taken away from the pants, so that it is to be seen as a sign of the identity and existence of the man who loves the woman. The woman cannot forget about him because she always realises the stamp he made. The author himself is also influenced by the pants: they are present in his mind as something to be stamped. Therefrom he gets his power for his comprehension and senses.

video, 12 min