Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

soy mi madre

MX 2008

Relating to conceptual approaches to film and photography, Phil Collins investigates the nuances of social relations in various locations and global communities. In soy mi madre he works with telenovela, one of the most popular products of Latin America. It is a format that exploits the world market through the articulation and preservation of cultural difference, while at the same time serving as a powerful tool of self-representation and the re-signification of the continent’s colonial legacy. Shot in México City, soy mi madre is structured as a standard telenovela episode. The film is a tale of love, betrayal and family intrigue that explores the intricate power dynamics between unequals. A cast of leading Mexican television stars take turns at playing a spoilt mistress of the house and her resentful servants, with a dark family secret boiling under the surface and leading to an inevitably dramatic finale. Revolving around the ideas of role-playing and performance, masks and mirrors, symbols and rituals, soy mi madre posits social roles as volatile and unbalanced, defined by their inherent potential for theatricality and violence.

Excerpt "soy mi madre"